Why VOIP Services Are Banned in The UAE


VOIP services can be classified as tools that make life easier for people in terms of communication and reliability. Applications like Skype and Whatsapp are widely found in every millennials phone and proves a major point in terms of its importance. But that alone did not prevent UAE from banning it. The county has a couple of reasons for the ban and here are a couple of them.

The Major Loss of Revenue

One of the most critical factors for the ban is the loss of revenue. The government cannot handle such loses, and it will go a long way in leading to a major downfall. UAE has two state-run telecom companies whose services are being used by a majority of the citizens. A change to this will lead to some major financial losses that the government might not be prepared to handle. This drop will affect major projects of the government and economists believe this to be the main reason. Due to the popularity of applications like Whatsapp and Skype, people will prefer them the moment they are launched. But through time things took another turn as Whatsapp is available for texts and not for calls. Will it change in the future? Well, wait and watch.

The Terms of Security


Security is one of the most essential aspects that every country pays close attention to. Forming that in mind, UAE gives another reason why these services are banned in the country. UAE permits VOIP services on the basis that the country is allowed to gain access to VOIP calls. This is a condition that many applications do not agree to. Such conditions are against the rules of applications such as Duo, Skype and Whatsapp. They provide a platform for consumers, which is highly safe and secure. The terms of privacy for these apps require private information to be private, and nobody can interfere with that. Hence, they are not functional in the UAE.

The Monarch

One of the most significant conclusions that many people bring to this debate is that UAE is a Monarchy and they can make rules as they like. The institution of democracy does not exist, and the government acts according to their terms and conditions. On the other hand, the only plus side that UAE can gain from this ban is that it has the power to state terms to companies like Microsoft and Apple when it comes to investment. Such investment will lead to the availability of more number of jobs and thus economic growth.


In the presence of raging debates and arguments, the government needs to wake up and listen to the demands of the people. Providing them what they want is the epitome of functioning and leads to a welfare state.