Top Features of VoIP Phone System


The 21st century has thrown a lot at us. Some of it has made us advanced, and some of it has made us addicted. Regardless, it can all still be classified as an advancement in the field of innovation and technology. VoIP can be considered as the big thing that people have been talking about for a long time. Since you always stay tuned for updates, we are going to hit you up with some of the best features of the VoIP phone system.

Video Call Conference

The video call feature was well appreciated since it gave people the primary edge when it comes to staying connected and seeking information. But the option of conference took everyone by storm, as the feature made matters more feasible and accessible. Top firms and organisations require proper communication with all levels of management and this is a way to achieve that. You can connect with most team members at an instant and begin debates, discussions about product launches and a lot more. Hence, there arises solutions for all problems through the passage of time.

The Transfer Protocol


Call transfer is the next feature that everyone is delighted by, as it provides the consumer with what they want. Unlike the olden days, one need not go in and contact higher authorities stating that there is an urgent call. Instead, they can transfer any call to the higher authority, making sure that consumer queries have a solution. Since every firm or organisation believes that the consumer is king, this makes them the real king.

Call Barging

Call Barging is another excellent feature that your boss won’t stop bragging about. It allows a third party to listen to conversations between two other people. This ensures that the higher authority is always aware of communications between clients and newly joined employees. The process is useful during the period of training and helps the management keep track of the current situation. This will also give them adequate knowledge about whom to hire and who not to hire.

Call Queuing

You might be aware of this feature if you have called tech support any time in your life. But for those who haven’t, call queuing is nothing but the process where a set of streamlined calls are placed in an automated queue so that the concerned individuals can attend them after some time. This feature also helps them to connect their problems directly and efficiently. Companies that follow this system provides some support for people when they want to clarify their problems and find a solution. It can also be considered as the unique form of maintaining order since they tend to receive a large number of calls.