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The Cost of VoIP

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The cost of VoIP is set at an all time low right now. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of a traditional telephone call for a price that you can afford. This fact alone is a boon to those that are trying to save money on their phone bill. But there is one […]

How to Block VoIP Calls

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How to block VoIP? Here’s a quick guide to VoIP blocking in the modern age. VoIP is a pretty broad term, for sure. There are plenty of different types of VoIP providers, and the majority of VoIP services can be used with an almost unlimited number of other VoIP providers, including traditional landline services. VoIP […]

Protecting Against VoIP Hacking

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The rising popularity of VOIP has created a large security threat because there are now dozens of companies that do voice over IP calling. If you are using VOIP, you should protect your information from those who wish to exploit your service for their own malicious ends. Although the popularity of IP is the same, […]

How VoIP Affects Your Life

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VoIP is the newest innovation in the telephony industry and it’s sure to take off. You’re reading an article about VoIP but probably didn’t even know what it was. So here are some of the more common terms that will help you understand how VOIP works. VoIP, short for Voice over Internet Protocol, is a […]

Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems

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VoIP offers superb call quality The individual you’re calling can’t tell whether you’re utilizing VoIP or POTS—there’s little contrast in quality. While the facts confirm that there may be periodic hiccups in transmission, the innovation has advanced to the point where administration intrusions or obstruction are not any more incessant than a POTS association, and […]

Why VoIP? The Advantages Of Using A VoIP Phone System For Your Business.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)… Innovation alludes to a progression of transmission capacities that make correspondence over the Internet a plausibility. VoIP, casually known as Internet communication, changes over voice vibrations to compacted advanced sign that mean Internet Protocol (IP) parcels. These IP bundles are then transmitted and changed over to a standard phone signal […]