Best VoIP Services in 2019


VoIP services have evolved through time and manufacturers try something new, every single time they think of development. As of 2019, there are several services that are available, and arguments might appear to decide the best out of the lot. But through research and suggestions, we have put together a list of some of the best VoIP services in 2019. So, check it out.

Jive Voice

Business organizations and firms might be aware of the vast extent of advantages that Jive Voice has been providing. Their method of user experience has been critical of success, and small organizations are the ones that are rewarded the most. Unlimited use, availability to over 99 users, customized pricing are some of its main features that are worth bragging about. Speaking of pricing, the cost can be considered to be reasonable as your firm need not shell out a lot. Hence, in terms of investment, this can be called a worthy one.



Skype can be classified as one of the most popular applications that has been around for quite some time. For business organizations, Skype brings in a ton of advantages, as they make things more comfortable. Through Skype, you can hold video conferences, record essential meetings with more than 200 people at the same time. Apart from instant messaging and screen sharing are also available. Skype also lets you use PowerPoint or the Whiteboard tool since the application supports them. In terms of price, you will need to pay around $2 per month and per user.


This California based VoIP company has been turning the table for quite some time now. Average business organizations will be benefited with RingCentral, as they provide a complete package that captures their needs and requirements. Unlimited conferences and calling, customizable caller ID, toll-free numbers are some of its unique features that are sure to be extended gifts for companies. The number of users also depend upon the type of package that you are aiming for, as they have ones with unlimited users. The company also claims that you can set up all your requirements in time, which proves to be helpful for organizations that are just coming up.



8✕8 is another great VoIP service provider that boasts several features that many companies will find to be extremely useful. Their packages vary, and they offer various features accordingly. Usual features like unlimited calling, online call management, conferencing, mobile compatibility are available based on the package that you choose. The unique part about them is that they offer the feature to integrate Zendesk, Salesforce and Netsuite. This addition was well credited by all, as they classified it as a move that might keep competitors far away.